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Saturday, March 23, 2019 5:30:44 AM

Test stitch for Pro Capsule 1501 - II

2 years ago
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Just recently purchased a used Pro Capsule 1501 and I am trying to get this machine tuned up.  Several things mention the 1" satin stitch as a test stitch, is there a way to generate this from the machine or I do I have to create it in the software?  Also, where can I get a decent manual for this?  All I can find is the quick start guide.
one year ago
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Yeah.Sure man.There is a good way to create 1" satin stitch as a test stitch in the software.But I do not have more knowledge on this.I think its better to go with available services on web.There you can see lots of services on writing.See more
one year ago
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Please call into the main office for this type of tech support 817-594-9577 or email javier@datastitch.com or kelly@datastitch.com

Thank you so much, sorry for the delay in response I have just been put in charge of the forum help on the website.

Shelly Cook-Sales