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Saturday, February 16, 2019 1:50:48 PM

Main Axis not at 100

6 months ago
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GEORGE wrote:
I cant get mine to 100 it keeps going to 105 and will not sew. I manually set it to 100 but as soon as I hit start or the reset button it goes back to 105 and gives error code.
4 months ago
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Have you oiled the machine regularly? It might be that the shaft is dry.
4 months ago
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For the people that haven’t figured it out I have a    Solution.  There is a sensor in the back of the machine that needs to be cleaned  I came across this just the other day and it solved my problem is that I’ve been having for three years  I have had service techs come out  didn’t fix the problem  save yourself some money follow this link and I’ll tell you how to fix this problem


It is a different machine but it’s the same concept!