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Refurbishment Service

Your TOYOTA is one of the best machines out there! If you're having issues, there is no need to sell or trade your TOYOTA embroidery machine. We can refurbish it for you and get it back to looking and running like brand new!

We are a TOYOTA factory trained service center, but this program is also available for Tajima Neo 1 and 2 embroidery machines.

Here’s what we will do:

  • Disassemble and deep clean all components
  • Oil and grease internal parts
  • Clean and check all electronics boards
  • Replace all worn washers, bearings, hook assembly, springs, presser feet, tubes, belts, etc.
  • Touch up cosmetics of outer surfaces
  • Reduced price fix of non-covered components if needed
  • Thorough test running

*Major parts such as circuit boards and motors are not included, but available.




How do we get you the machine?
We have a pop up box that we send to you. We call that the “Blue Box”. It’s a loaner box. You simply put your machine in the box and strap the box to a pallet, then we have it picked up. This is normally about $300 in shipping charges that you would pay.


How long does it take?
It’s really quite fast. It will only take a few days to get the temporary pop up box. Then a few days on the truck back to us in Fort Worth Texas. We will spend one week refurbishing your machine, then it goes back on a truck. Total time 2-3 weeks. 


What box is used to ship it back?
Your machine will be crated into a new wooden box. They are reusable. So if you run multiple machines, this box can be used to ship your next machine in to us. There is a $150 fee for this box. Should you send another machine in later, you will use this box and save the Blue box fee.


What are the total charges I can expect?

  • Blue box shipping to you $75.
  • Shipping your machine to us $300(est).
  • Refurbishment fee $1,500.
  • Crate fee $150 firm.
  • Shipping fee back to you $300 (est).

Normal total cost to you is around $2,500.


What is not covered if something more is needed?
If something more is needed such as a motor or solenoid, you pay only for that part. Since the machine is completely open, labor to install a special part is free under this program.


What TOYOTA and Tajima models qualify for this program?
We can refurbish Toyota models 830,850,860,9000,9100 Tajima Neo 1 and 2


Whats new with parts for older machines?
Many older discontinued parts have been re-manufactured. Here is a list of latest , now available parts:
1- Plastic face covers for 850/860 and 9000/9100
2- Certain covers for 850/860
3- Presser feet 850/860
4- Hatoomi tube clamp springs 850/860
5- Needle socket holder spring 850/860
6- Color change motor 850/860
7- Needle plates (flat and raised)


Call us now and we'll get the ball rolling!

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