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StitchPro Software - Edition Comparison

  Data-Master STS Data-Master Data-Master+ STI
Full stock lettering editing X X X
Full block editing of expanded files X X X
Letter bridging, arcing, kerning, and italicizing X X X
Control lettering density and column width X X X
2,000 stock embroidery designs X X X
115 pre-digitized fonts X X X
Expanded stitch file editing   X X
Print out your own designs and color sequence sheets   X X
Insert stitches and functions   X X
View designs in layer mode   X X
View your designs in 3D mode   X X
Converts most commercial embroidery formats   X X
Full condensed outline editing   X X
Can read .CND design files   X X
Can read .DST design files   X X
Pattern fill control   X X
Column width control   X X
Resize outline files and allow for stitch adjustment   X X
Auto underlay features   X X
Connects directly to your Toyota machine   X X
Import art or scan directly     X
Edit on the fly     X
Create pattern fills     X
Create your own fonts     X
Complete manual digitizing with auto-columns, symbols and patterns     X
Expanded stitch file editing plus 3-button STI wireframe digitizing     X